Politics of Breastfeeding


This third edition has now just recently been published and is available with a new preface by the author Gabrielle Palmer.

Inside she argues that this third edition is necessary as some things have changed, that scientific studies reveal how the long term health of both the baby and mother can be influenced by how babies are fed, regardless of their surroundings and upbringing - and how the baby food and bottle companies use ever more aggressive promotion to challenge this new evidence.

This book has led to many people gaining a greater understanding of just how essential breastfeeding is to any baby's chances of survival. It has also led to the setting up of baby milk awareness groups across the world.

Inspired by the ideas in this book, these groups have campaigned against the companies which aggressively market infant formula,for commercial profit, but to the detriment of breastfeeding mothers and their babies. This book explains how these marketing practices can ultimately lead to the death of many babies, especially in developing countries.

Politics of Breastfeeding Book   Baby and Mother

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