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In most poor countries, health care for the poorest people is generally provided by nurses and medical assistants rather than doctors, who tend to see the better off. For this reason, TALC decided to provide support to nurse and medical assistant training schools in developing countries.

These Nurse training schools sometimes have fewer than 5 textbooks for each intake of 50 students. The books they have are often written for students in Europe or North America, and aren't relevant to the conditions and the equipment available in developing countries. In addition, the books are generally expensive, often very out of date and may be unsuitable because of their level of English.

A Student Nurse   One of the textbooks we send out

TALC finds funds to supply nurse and medical assistant training schools and colleges with a consignment of up-to-date, relevant text books for their students.

Most TALC texts are written specifically for workers in less privileged countries and contain many illustrations. Our materials are also much lower cost and TALC finds the funds to send the consignments to the nursing schools free of charge.

We aim to send enough textbooks for one textbook between each two students, (up to a maximum of 50 of each title.) We also include reference books for the tutors in the consignment.

For each consignment of books to a Nursing school or college, TALC has to raise the funds, or help the school to fund raise locally.

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