Community Nutrition CD-ROM


Experienced nutritionists were concerned that there are few up-to-date resources about nutrition available to front-line workers. With support from TALC, they collected articles and information about nutrition issues. The nutrition team checked the articles, commissioned others and requested permission from all the relevant sources. In addition, with TALC's help, funds were sought from various donors, including UNICEF.

Once all the material was checked and permission to use it had been granted, TALC put it onto a CD-ROM, which was trialled by various groups in different African countries.

Community Nutrition CD   Children

The CD-ROM contains several hundred recent items including manuals, training courses, academic papers, briefs, practical guidelines, pictures, PowerPoint presentations and a video. The materials were donated by national and international agencies, universities, non-governmental organisations and private individuals. The CD is easy to use and most items can be downloaded and printed.

The Community Nutrition CD-ROM is now available from TALC and more than 5,000 copies of the CD have been sent to nutrition workers in countries all over the world.

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