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The free materials below have been provided to us by a wide variety of organisations, mostly for distribution to the developing world. Although the materials themselves are free, a small postage charge applies to help us cover the cost of sending them out.

Buy Cord Cutting Sheet (Download)£FREECord Cutting Sheet (Download)
Self assembly model which allows students to carry out tying and cutting of the cord many times before... [More]
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Buy Dermatological Preparations for the Tropics 2nd ed (pdf download)£FREEDermatological Preparations for the Tropics 2nd ed (pdf download)
This book provides practical and background information on the local production of topically applied... [More]
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Buy Disability with Dignity £FREEDisability with Dignity
The experience, potential and aspirations of persons with disabilities in developing countries are illustrated... [More]
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Buy e-Talc Health and Development CD's (4-12) set£FREEe-Talc Health and Development CD's (4-12) set
e-TALC is a project of Teaching-aids At Low Cost (TALC) which aims to bridge the digital divide in health... [More]
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Buy El bebé de TALC (PDF Download)£FREEEl bebé de TALC (PDF Download)
Disponible en cuatro hojas de medida A4. Pégalas a un cartón y recorta los diseños para realizar un modelo... [More]
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Buy Enseigner comment nouer et couper le cordon ombilical (FRENCH PDF Download)£FREEEnseigner comment nouer et couper le cordon ombilical (FRENCH PDF Download)
Une maquette à monter soi-même qui permet aux étudiants de fixer et couper le cordon ombilical plusieurs... [More]
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Buy Enseñar cómo atar y cortar el cordón umbilical (Spanish PDF Download)£FREEEnseñar cómo atar y cortar el cordón umbilical (Spanish PDF Download)
Un modelo montable que permite a los estudiantes que aten y corten el cordón umbilical muchas veces... [More]
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Buy Ensinar a cortar e a amarrar o cordão umbilical (pdf download)£FREEEnsinar a cortar e a amarrar o cordão umbilical (pdf download)

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Buy Guia Comunitario de Saude Ambiental (PDF)£FREEGuia Comunitario de Saude Ambiental (PDF)
Community Guide to Environmental Health Portuguese
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Buy HIV/AIDS (South Asia Region)£FREEHIV/AIDS (South Asia Region)
This CD-ROM, specific for the South Asia region, covers the basic facts about HIV/AIDS as required for... [More]
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