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Purple Field Productions are a voluntary organisation undertaking educational and humanitarian film projects across the world.

Buy PFP Banthu Ngati Ise (People Like Us) DVD£6.30PFP Banthu Ngati Ise (People Like Us) DVD
Three HIV positive people from rural northern Malawi speak about their experience of living with HIV... [More]
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Buy PFP Lisilojulikana (The unknown) DVD£9.80PFP Lisilojulikana (The unknown) DVD
A 1hr12min awareness drama highlighting the issues faced by children living with Cerebral Palsy. It... [More]
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Buy PFP Mawa Langa (My Tomorrow) DVD£6.30PFP Mawa Langa (My Tomorrow) DVD
Malawian primary school children star in this drama which deals with common issues relating to HIV &... [More]
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Buy PFP Therapy in Action DVD£6.30PFP Therapy in Action DVD
Therapy in Action provides an opportunity to observe & analyse the problems facing children with cerebral... [More]
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