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BookPower is a registered charity which subsidises basic higher education textbooks for 39 of the poorest countries in English-speaking Africa, the Indian sub-continent and the Caribbean. They make available the best, most up-to-date, international textbooks appropriate to these countries, sold on through local book-importers at subsidised prices which provide both the students and their institutions with substantial savings.

Buy ABC of AIDS BookPower edition£6.85ABC of AIDS BookPower edition
Edited and written by internationally respected specialists, this book will be invaluable to all those... [More]
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Buy Gastroenterology - a colour handbook (2nd edition, BookPower edition)£8.20Gastroenterology - a colour handbook (2nd edition, BookPower edition)
This book is intended for medical students and physicians needing a general reference source to problems... [More]
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Buy Short Textbook of Public Health Medicine for the Tropics 4th edition£8.05Short Textbook of Public Health Medicine for the Tropics 4th edition
This book provides medical students and other trainees with an introduction to the basic principles of... [More]
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