Where There is No Doctor (African edition)

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This book is the most widely used health education text in tropical and sub-tropical developing countries, and this edition is specific for Africa. It is more than a book on first aid. It covers a wide range of topics that affect the health of the villager - from diarrhoea to tuberculosis, helpful and harmful home remedies, cautious use of certain modern medicines, as well as detail on childbirth and family planning. Special importance is placed on cleanliness, healthy diet and vaccinations. The book also helps readers realise what they can do for themselves, how to prevent, recognise and treat many common sicknesses, as well as recognising which problems need the attention of an experienced health worker. This revised edition also includes information about additional health problems such as AIDS, dengue, and complications from abortion and drug addiction. It is a resource for the villager, the village storekeeper or pharmacist, the teacher, the village health worker, mothers and midwives.


Product Code: B/WTNDAF
Author(s): D Werner
Publisher: Macmillan / TALC
ISBN: 9780333516522
Year: 2010

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