Common Skin Diseases in Africa - An Illustrated Guide 3rd revised edition

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Image of Common Skin Diseases in Africa - An Illustrated Guide 3rd revised edition

This updated, photo-illustrated guide, which covers Southern, East and West Africa, provides a quick and easy reference for diagnosis and management of common skin diseases, including leprosy. Skin disease is often overlooked as a trivial condition but when care is taken to make the proper diagnosis and institute the proper treatment, the management of skin diseases often results in great improvement and satisfaction for the patient and health care work alike. Required treatments need not be expensive and are available locally. In many cases skin disease can be an indicator of other problems, particularly if influenced by concommitant HIV infection. The widespread introduction of antiretroviral treatment (ARV) has resulted in specific skin disorders due to immune reconstitution syndrome (IRIS), therefore correct diagnosis and treatment provision are important issues dealt with in this guide. This book is also available in Portuguese.

Product Code: B/CSDA
Author(s): C van Hees & B Naafs
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789080801608
Year: 2014
Restrictions: For use in developing countries only

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