History of TALC

Professor David Morley TALC was founded in 1965 by Professor David Morley (CBE, MD, FRCP) when he was lecturer at the Institute of Child Health, in response to many requests from overseas students for teaching equipment to use in their own countries.

Professor Morley in the fieldAfter starting out in a small way sending out transparencies, demand grew and the charity expanded into distributing books and teaching-aids. Since then TALC has continued to grow and has distributed millions of books, slides and accessories relating to health and community issues to thousands of health workers throughout the developing world.

An e-TALC userUse of these has enabled doctors and health workers to make the right diagnosis and provide the right treatment, resulting in the saving of many lives and the alleviation of an enormous amount of pain and suffering.

What is different about TALC materials?

Some of the books we sellOur materials are chosen because they are specially written for conditions in poor countries. TALC either buys in the books and CDs and distributes them at as low a cost as possible, or we find the funds to produce and/or distribute new materials – such as our e-TALC CDs.

Where There is no Doctor PortugueseHealth workers across the developing world already know and value TALC materials. Check our range at the TALC Shop and you will find some items that are not easily available elsewhere.

In addition, we work with authors of key texts to help them reach a wider audience. Translations of essential TALC publications have been made into 22 + languages including: Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, French, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Korean, Mongolian, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese.

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Teaching-aids At Low CostBooks and CD-ROMs sold by TALC
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